Relia, Inc.

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Investor Relations


Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

To be a company that is correctly understood, recognized and trusted by shareholders and investors, Relia,Inc. will actively conduct fair and timely disclosure of information in accordance with the Cabinet Office Order on Disclosure of Corporate Affairs, the Securities Listing Regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and company regulations.

Information Disclosure Arrangements

Our material corporate information is centrally controlled, with the Legal Division serving as the responsible division. The General Manager of the Legal Division determines whether or not material corporate information is subject to timely disclosure upon discussions with the relevant departments, obtains approval from the President & CEO, and makes decisions regarding the content and timing of announcements.

As a general rule, the Public & Investor Relations Division, which is responsible for the company's public relations, conducts and manages the disclosure of information. Announcements of material information are generally made by registering it on the company announcements disclosure service, Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet). Information is also posted to the corporate website as appropriate.

Prevention of Insider Trading

Relia,Inc. has established a Group Code of Corporate Conduct, Insider Trading Prevention Rules, and other internal regulations for the prevention of external leaks of unpublicized material insider information. Executives and employees of the Relia Group comply with these regulations and with the laws and ordinances of Japan and other countries.


Relia,Inc. endeavors to provide fair and proactive disclosure of information to allow shareholders and investors to assess the long-term corporate value of the company. To this end, a variety of means is employed to enhance communication, and the opinions and requests received through such communication are fed back to the Board of Directors in an appropriate and timely manner for use in management decisions. The objective of our communication with shareholders and investors is the exchange of constructive opinions based on disclosed information.

Quiet Period

To ensure fairness of disclosure, Relia,Inc. has defined a quiet period covering the period from the day after the final day of an accounting period (including quarterly accounting periods) to the day of our announcement of financial results. During this period, we will refrain from responding to or making comments on questions related to our account settlement and financial results forecasts. However, if an event requiring disclosure under Disclosure Regulations occurs during the quiet period, disclosure will be made promptly.


Data and future projections disclosed by Relia,Inc. are based on assessments and information available as of the day of their announcement. These data and projections are subject to change due to a variety of reasons and no guarantee is given of the achievement of targets or forecasts or of future business results.