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Expanding the Circle of Reliance

Sustainability News

Sustainability in the Relia Group

Message from the Officer in charge

Message from the Officer in charge

Sustainable & Reliable Society

Director in charge of CSR
Hiroyuki Koga

"Sharing inspiration and excitement with more people and corporations, we declare that we will contribute to the further development of society and lead to the happiness and well-being of our employees and their families through the growth of our company." This is our mission statement as a company that seeks to create new social value. Through our BPO services, with a focus on contact centers, we connect to all our stakeholders through a sense of reliance, and as well as raising our corporate value, we also contribute to the creation of social value.

In May 2021, we announced a Sustainability Policy to be a company that is needed more by society and to achieve sustainable growth. In the development of this policy, we identified five materialities, or important issues related to the Company's business activities. We will "build a solid business foundation" that will be the cornerstone of our business activities, and, by giving all our employees opportunities to upgrade their skills through "expansion of educational opportunities and putting them into practice" and "creating workplaces where diverse personnel can work in good health and with a sense of fulfillment,". Further, we will engage in "responses to climate change and the environment" and "make advances to CX through DX" in our aim to continue to deliver new CX to consumers. Through our responses to solutions to these five materialities, we will contribute to the SDGs and engage in the solutions to social issues.

Through its business activities, the Company will contribute to realizing a "Sustainable & Reliable Society," in which all people share a sense of "reliance" with each other, and where such reliance is sustained in the future.

Specific Initiatives

Social Contributions through Business

Job creation

Relia currently has approximately 20,000 staff working at its more than 30 operation centers around Japan. These include operations staff, as well as supervisors and local team members. In 2015, we introduced the Area Full-time Employee Program, which provides further opportunities for advancement. As of March 2021, more than 500 employees are working hard in these positions, taking the lead in the revitalization of their regions.

Provision of opportunities to work

Relia established Business Plus Inc., a special subsidiary company, to promote the employment of people with disabilities. Since then, we have promoted to support the normalization of people with disabilities (people with disabilities and those without disabilities live together in the society without any distinction between them) and their independent lives.
As of June 1, 2021, the company had 461.0 employees. *

  • *Actual employment rate: 3.20%. Based on legally-prescribed calculation formula.

Initiatives for diverse working styles

Promotion of women’s active participation in the workplace
-Highest level of Eruboshi certification -


The Relia Group has positioned the active participation in the company by a diverse range of people as one of its management challenges, and has engaged in a variety of initiatives to promote diversity. As a result of those initiatives, Relia and the group company, Maxcom, have been awarded Eruboshi (L Star) certification by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as excellent companies under The Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace. Eruboshi certification is a scheme that rewards companies that do an outstanding job in formulating action plans based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace and implementing initiatives for the promotion of women’s active participation in the workplace. There are three levels of certification based on certain criteria that must be met, and Relia and Maxcom have been certified at Level 3, which is the highest level in the scheme, as they met all the evaluation criteria.

Original certification obtained by City of Sapporo, Okinawa Prefecture, and City of Osaka

Relia is actively engaged in the development and expansion of personnel programs designed to realize a good work-life balance. These include programs to encourage employees to take childcare leave, and a scheme to allow employees with young children to work shorter hours that go beyond the statutory requirements (Relia’s employees can take advantage of this scheme until their child enters fourth grade of elementary school). We are also actively introducing schemes that will allow the realization of diverse work styles, such as interviews with employees when they take maternity leave, advice for employees wishing to take childcare leave, and workshops for employees while they are out on maternity or childcare leave. These initiatives have resulted in the company being recognized by the City of Sapporo as a "Work-Life Balance Plus Company," and by Okinawa Prefecture as a "Work-Life Balance Company." In City of Osaka, we have earned "Two-Star" certification, the highest level, as a "Osaka City Leading Company for the Active Participation of Women" from the City of Osaka.

Establishment of a comfortable workplace environment (Family Day)

Family Days, in which employees’ children and other family members are invited to the workplace, are held at Relia’s company headquarters and branches. This initiative acknowledges the importance of our employees’ families and their support of our employees day to day, and provides an opportunity for employees to be conscious of creating a comfortable workplace for each other. They also give the children, who will one day go out to work in the society themselves, a glimpse of some aspects of working life, such as exchanging business cards and experiencing the work.

Community-oriented Activities

Roadside beautification activities


On November 30, 2015, we signed a memorandum with the City of Sapporo for roadside beautification activities under the City’s Adopt-a-Road Scheme. Starting in December 2015, our employees conduct roadside clean-ups once every three months in the neighborhoods surrounding our centers in the Sapporo district.

Nature Conservation Activities

Nature Conservation Activities

In Hokkaido and the Kansai region, we conduct a tree-planting program called "Let’s Grow a Forest!"
This program is now an event for Relia Group employees and their families to interact with each other through nature conservation activities, and it has become an excellent opportunity to foster a sense of unity within the group by working together out in nature.

Pink Ribbon campaign


The Pink Ribbon campaign is a movement to provide accurate information about breast cancer and to protect as many people as possible from the sadness that this disease brings.
Relia, Inc. has set up Pink Ribbon vending machines at its centers in Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka, and elsewhere, and donates a portion of the proceeds from those vending machine sales to Hokkaido Cancer Society, Japan Cancer Society, and J.POSH.

CSR Activities Overseas

Assistance for more than 56,000 children

Inspiro Relia, Inc., our consolidated subsidiary in the Philippines, together with its affiliated companies and corporate clients, conducts CSR programs based at Inspiro Relia call centers.
These programs, which include environmental clean-ups and reading stories to the students of rehabilitation schools, are providing assistance for more than 56,000 children around the world.

Human Rights Initiatives

Relia, Inc. is committed to respect for human rights, including the development of workplace environments and consideration of occupational health and safety, elimination of labor practices that violate human rights, such as child labor, forced labor, and discrimination, and freedom of association and collective bargaining.
We have also established systems and processes for anonymous whistleblowing, to allow employees to raise issues in confidence, and are working to make employees aware of these systems and processes.

(Released: May 12, 2017)
(Updated: Jun 21, 2018)

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Personnel and Labor Data

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