Relia, Inc.

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Corporate Information


Corporate Philosophy

Mission Statement

Sharing Inspiration and Excitement with more People and Corporations, We declare to contribute further development of the Society and lead to the Employees’ and their Families’ happiness, through the growth of our company.

The 4 Promisses

  • 1. We promise to value our customers and will continually commit to do so in order to maintain our customers’ trusts.
  • 2. We promise to value harmony and aim to have a Corporate Culture that is free and open-minded.
  • 3. We promise to aim to continually challenge ourselves and be creative.
  • 4. We promise to value courtesy & civility and will strive to train ourselves in self-management and basic behaviors.

Group vision

Reliable Ring

Relia, supporting collaboration to create values
With a variety of relationships with our customers based on reliance, we promise to share the harboring excitement and the future with customers, and to create happy feeling.

Reliable Ring

We will continue to strengthen the Reliable Ring that connects people and society to corporations and organizations based on our key strategies: “satisfy various customer needs,” “grow with society” and “challenge new possibilities.”

Origins of the company name and logo

Relia, Inc., the Company's name, refers to expanding the Reliable Ring; in other words, to expand, support and entrench the potential of people and society by connecting our customers, employees, colleagues and clients through our Reliable Ring.
The connection of the two arcs represents an open ring that takes up the challenge to create new values and continues to build on the potential of people and society. The logo symbolizes the promise (the Reliable Ring) that exists between the Relia Group and our customers and other stakeholders, while the “R” expresses the dynamic corporate attitude of the Relia Group and our challengeable corporate attitude.

Lelia, Inc. logo